Our Happy-Hidrosis Family

We call the patients and doctors we work with to treat hyperhidrosis our Happy-Hidrosis Family! And a few of those family members have been kind enough to send us testimonials about their experiences with our home iontophoresis devices.

Noticeable improvement


We tried prescription antiperspirants, acupuncture, diet changes, all to no avail. This device has made a huge difference in her palm sweating, and therefore her self-confidence and overall happiness!

I can wear my Christian Louboutin shoes


I have wanted the red soled Christian Louboutin shoes for so long but would not purchase them because my sweaty feet would have ruined them. They are too expensive to get soaking wet. After using the Fischer Galvanic Unit, the success is so great that I decided to purchase them. I live in Kentucky (so hot here). Last weekend we visited New York City. My gift to myself was a pair of red soled shoes. I was able to try them on with dry feet (so cool). For all my life (I am 70 years old), I have had to throw so many, many shoes in the garbage because they smelled so bad or because the leather or vinyl literally rotted or disintegrated. Now I can wear shoes and sandals like other people. This is fantastic. The purchase of the Fischer Galvanic Unit is worth every penny (except that I may spend more money on shoes).

Worked well


Worked well! Has been great for daughter. She can wear flip flops now and isn’t sliding around in them!

The machine really works


I am grateful for your help and the machine really works. Thank God. I will also spread the word on Facebook. I want to tell the whole world because I am so happy. I wish everyone with this condition can get some relief and peace of mind.

I could not be more thrilled


This machine is working and I could not be more thrilled!  I cannot tell you how it feels to have dry feet in sandals.  Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I wore sandals, and my feet were not wet. I am just so grateful for this solution!

This machine has changed my daughter’s life


I cannot tell you how much this machine has changed my daughter’s life. My daughter is 22, beautiful and smart. She had become so inverted and kept to herself, living alone, not going out, not wanted to associate with anyone and feeling like she was not pretty all because of her hyperhidrosis. I cannot tell you the many times I prayed over this asking God to heal her, she was convinced that surgery was her only option. After praying about it God sent me to google where I found your website.  After looking into surgery and Botox, I can tell you this was our only hope.  When we received the machine we started it on a low 5, she could not stand the pain so we reduced it and kept reducing until she could tolerate it. I knew we would never get to the 18 they said is standard. We actually started at 2.5 and eventually got up to 4.5 but no higher. Even though she still was uncomfortable she was doing it for the full 20 minutes. She actually got results, after about 8-10 treatments she has been dry now for over 3 weeks!!!! We are doing a maintenance treatment tonight and will continue every month just to make sure she is healed. When someone ask me now how she is, I am speechless. I am still in awe at who she is now. This happy, vibrant, outgoing girl is my daughter who actually touches people now and shakes people’s hands without fear of them wiping their hands on their pants!  Thank you R A Fischer Co., !!!

Great Results


I’m seeing great results with the machine. This procedure has worked better than any other in the past.

Easy and Effective


I ordered the machine for my daughter and she is finding much relief. She plays volleyball and is the setter so she uses her hands all the time. It is also helping her in school! No more random sweating to damage her papers.  As for the ease of ordering I have no complaints. It was easy and the unit came in quickly. Set up and directions were given with the unit and my daughter and I were able to follow them and start her sessions without any problems. Thank you for the easy step by step directions.

Already Noticing A Difference


I am noticing a difference already after only 6 treatments. I’m hoping these results continue to increase.